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Data Recovery and Backup


Data Recovery and Backup Services

Eric’s Computer Services offers the best data backup and data recovery services in the Capital Region. Backing up your data is the most important maintenance you can do for your PC. It’s often not a question of if, but when you will need data recovery. However, when that time comes, you can trust that Eric’s Computer Services has the extensive experience and expertise to recover data.

Eric's Computer Service's is further expanding its data recovery services and is now a Kroll® Certified Data Recovery Partner, Drive Savers® Authorized Partner, Ontrack® Data Recovery Authorized Partner, ESS Data Recovery® Partner and Gillware® Data Recovery Partner.

Data Backup Services
Eric’s Computer Services superior data backup offers complete PC protection by backing up your entire PC, including the operating system plus your data, applications, pictures, video, financial documents, settings and everything!
Using our backup service protects your PC and allows you to recover from viruses, unstable software downloads, and failed hard drives. We do this by creating an exact copy of your PC and with the ability to restore it.

Data Recovery Services
Eric’s Computer Services has a full range of recovery services available for hard drives, specializing in desktop, laptop, and external/portable hard drive recovery. Data can be recovered from simple to the most complex losses, including viruses, accidental deletion, system crashes, corruption, deletion or partitions, reformatting and more.

The two most common categories that data is lost on hard drives are logical and physical.

Logical Corruption
The computer is unable to make sense of the data that is randomly stored across the disk. This is usually caused by the computer’s index system being damaged or corrupted. The data is there, but the computer is unable to recognize it, and thereby unable to reconstitute it into a readable document or file. Where structural corruption is the cause of the data loss, your chances of getting all the data back are extremely good.

Physical Corruption
Physical corruption is much more serious. Electronic failure, Mechanical failure, and Media damage are the reasons for physical damage. Electronic failure is when the external electrical circuits have failed. Mechanical failure is when the internal mechanics of the hard disk drive have failed due to internal factors such as age, minor manufacturing defects, or as a result of external factors such as shock, dropping, extreme heat or cold, or water. Media damage is when the magnetic media on the surface of the hard disk platters has become damaged or corrupted.

Delete Files
When a user deletes a file, whether accidentally or intentionally, the actual data is not destroyed, but the computer system now regards that data as no longer required. Deleted files can also be recovered if a drive or partition has been reformatted. As long as the ‘deleted data’ has not been overwritten by new data, it can be found, reconstituted and recovered. Therefore the quicker you can get the affected hard disk drive to Eric’s Computer Services, the better your chances of receiving 100% of your deleted data back again.

File Repair and Recovery
A file can become damaged or corrupt. Eric’s Computer Services has the tools and expertise to ‘fix’ a large range of corrupted data files so that the data that they contain can be recovered.