Computer Services

Professional Service

I specialize in providing quality professional home and business technology solutions. The services I offer on-site computer services in Schenectady and the Greater Capital Region of NY.

I have the skills and experience to deal with any computer problem you may need help with including repairs, virus removal, data transfer or backup, Windows re-installations, hardware upgrades, and much more.

All my work is done quickly and efficiently to resolve your computer issues as soon as possible.

Professional Experience

All my computer services, and technology solutions you can rely on upon with over 16 years of professional I.T. experience to be exact.

I promise to let you know exactly what you need and stay in contact through your service. Commutation is key not only for getting your solution right but also for a long-term relationship which I have with my customers.

I try to make pricing as clear as possible. I always offer free over-the-phone estimates, flat pricing for my most common repair services, and a pricing list for all services.

Professional computer services are now available.



Computer Repairs

Computer Repairs

Eric’s Computer Services offers the best computer repair and service in the Capital Region. All repairs are made to get you up and running fast. If your computer is broken, I repair it. If it is running slow first, I tune it up. If it is not meeting your needs I can upgrade it. Your computer will be given back to your setup the way you want and running fast!

Virus And Malware Removal

Virus and Malware Removal

I am dedicated to keeping your computer in excellent condition and functioning at top performance while keeping you safe online. For users two of the biggest enemies are computer viruses and malicious software. Virus Removal and Malware removal are two of my most common services for home or business users and I am a computer security expert.


Computer Security

I offer a range of computer security solutions for home or business users. Computer Security is also known as cybersecurity or IT security, is the protection of information systems from theft or damage, and the methods of keeping information safe on on them, as well as from disruption or misdirection of the services they provide.

Operating System Installations

Operating System Installations

Ready to have an (OS) Operating System installed, reinstall or upgrade your computer? I have you covered for Windows and macOS installations as well as program installs, data transfers, updates for the latest drivers for your hardware, and service packs.

Computer Upgrades

Computer Upgrades

Some of the upgrades I offer are CPU/processor, ram/memory, motherboard, optical drives (Blu-ray, DVD, CD), hard drive, video card, sound card, network adapters, power supply, and more. I also do software upgrades including operating system, antivirus and security software, Microsoft Office and more.

Remote Assistance

Remote Assistance

When you’re having a computer problem, you might want to get help remotely. I offer fast and secure remote access to Windows and Mac systems for troubleshooting and support. All you need is an active internet connection and a quick setup for me to help with your home or business computer.

Networking And Wifi Setup

Networking & Wifi Setup

Wireless networking made easy. Whether you want to set up a network, set up wireless (Wifi), have file-sharing or printer sharing between computers, let me take care of your technology needs and make sure your network is secure and setup right.

Training And Consultation

Training and Consultation

I offer computer training, I.T. consultation, and education. For home users, I offer one-on-one training sessions from the basics of computer use to advanced subjects. If you are a business owner I offer consultation and training that will help your staff and your company improve both outcome and efficiency.

The technology and options for computer users change every year let Eric’s Computer Services help you get a new computer, set it up and trade-in your old one.

New And Used Computers

New and Used Computers

Buy new from a large selection of new computers with hundreds of new models to choose from. All my new systems have a full warranty, with an option for an extended warranty. Are you looking for a great price – then save money with a refurbished desktop or laptop computers for a reduced price with a fully refurbished system.

Custom Built Computers

Custom Built Computers

Ready for a custom build desktop computer? I offer systems for business, gaming, photography, or home use. Every new custom-built computer comes with a full warranty, with an option for an extended warranty, and is assembled with high-quality parts and tested for maximum performance.

Computer Setup

Computer Setup

Whether you buy the computer from me or not, I can help you get it set up the right way. I include the physical setup and connection of any desktop or laptop. Setting up software, email, anti-virus, printers, network connections, and customizing user preferences.

Trade-in And Recycling

Trade-in and Recycling

Turn that old laptop or desktop computer, – Mac or PC – you’re not using anymore into something new. I take trade-ins on new and used computers as well as offer green Eco-friendly recycling services for computers and computer components.