Do Genius Bars located in Apple Stores perform Data Recovery?

If your Apple computer, iPad or iPhone happens to be having issues or need data recovery, the first thing that most people thing of is to contact Apple Support.

Within the limited 1-year warranty or with if you purchased Apple Care, Apple will help you solve problems in the store at the Genius Bar, but not necessarily restore the data you lost.

In fact, data recovery time and time customer shave been told they do not offered in the limited 1-year warranty, under Apple Care, or as a extra paid service.

After contacting Apple they will help with a data restore when you have a good working backup, and they will help transfer data from a working device to a new one.

In short, No. Apple does not offer data recovery services. Apple suggests the customer find a 3rd party data recovery company.

Apples Official Policy

Apple Article HT202004 directly references that they do not offer data recovery services.

Hard drives that have become non-functional through normal use, and have had data recovery performed on them by third-party companies specializing in data recovery services can be returned to Apple for warranty service. This includes products covered by the AppleCare Protection Plan. The cost of any data recovery attempts is not covered by the Apple Limited Warranty.

Typically, if the factory seal on the hard drive is broken or removed, the hard drive will be excluded from coverage, however, if a label from third-party companies specializing in data recovery is on such a hard drive, Apple will not exclude coverage on that basis.

Drives that are no longer functional due to an issue beyond normal usage—such as damage from an impact, being dropped, exposure to moisture or other circumstances outside of normal usage—are not acceptable for warranty exchange regardless of whether data recovery is performed

Use of third-party companies specializing in data recovery is at the sole discretion of the customer. They are not Apple Authorized Service Providers, nor does Apple warrant any services performed by these companies.