Backup Solutions

Data Backup Solutions

If you find configuring and managing backup challenging, I can help. I offer data backup solutions for home and business users.  My services to keep your data safe including:

    • Safeguarding your data
    • Backing up data for home users and home offices
    • Creating backup plans and setting up backups for small businesses
    • Providing Network-Attached Storage, and Cloud Solutions
    • Windows (PC) and  Mac (Apple) Services
    • Setting up backup software and reporting
    • Disaster recovery plans including policies, tools technical solutions, and procedures
    • Automating backups
    • Implementing the 3-2-1 Backup Rule
    • Long-term support for clients

Business Services

It is important to have dependable and consistent backups and an efficient restore process to keep your data secure.

Business users seek my professional help to maintain business continuity. Your focus should be on running your business. I individually customize a backup-and-recovery solution for your business that gives the of advantage local hardware solutions and off-site security. I utilize best-practice methodologies.

If your company, employee, and customer data are crucial to your functioning, then it is important to have a dependable and consistent managed backup strategy. Part of that strategy involves accurate reporting and an efficient restore process to maintain business continuity.

Homes Users

For home users, I focus on simple cost-effective backups solutions, that are easy to set up and manage.

Professional backup solutions are now available.


Backup Services

I offer an array of data backup solutions for PC, Mac, and Servers to keep your personal or business computer files safe. Protect yourself from data loss. Data recovery can be expensive and in certain cases recovery is impossible. In other words, I set up backup solutions that are automated and easy to use.

Network-Attached Storage

A NAS can improve your life. You can rest easy knowing backup jobs are scheduled from all the computers on your network to a central location on the NAS. With fast speeds and the ability to run full system images, a NAS is a standard for local backups. Network-attached storage also provides file sharing.

Cloud Backup

Eric’s Computer Services uses industry-leading solutions for online cloud-based computer backups. Above all what I implement (cloud backup services and recovery plans) offers secure, automated data protection for small businesses and home users at an affordable cost.

Backup Software

Keep your information safe relies on backing up your entire computer including your operating system (OS), applications, and data, not just your files and folders. I set up full disk-imaging solutions as well as synchronized file backs.

Home Backups

A reliable home data backup solution is very important. In fact, a reliable home backup solution is beyond important. Most families rely solely on digital media to record precious family moments, such as pictures. Frequently users experience loss of documents, tax records, and more.

Business Backup Services

A data backup is a must for a business. Every small business should take the time to consider how best to protect its data and prioritize putting such a backup plan into practice. A backup plan must be implemented, tested, and a long-term strategy.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery planning is an integral part of any business’s backup strategy. It is becoming crucial to plan for as data loss, ransomware, security breaches, and physical failures have become common threats. Often just backups alone are not a sufficient precaution in the event of a disaster.

Business Continuity

My business continuity services focus on preparation and planning that a business has their needs to make sure they can overcome serious incidents or disasters and resumes their normal operations in a short time period.

I provide a range of NAS, home, small business, and cloud computer backup solutions to meet your needs.

Planning and Design

Planning and design of a backup system include helping you with architecture, technical strategy, purchasing the appropriate hardware and software. A backup plan is essential to help ensure data is safe, recoverable and your needs are met.

Implementation and Reporting

I will offer professional help in implementing your backup strategy. Ensuring that your critical data is backed up regularly is essential for keeping your home or business data safe, matter what happens. I also offer reporting and automation to ensure you are alerted to issues and updates.

Disk Imaging

Protect your data, documents, program files, operating systems, and all settings with advanced disk imaging technology. A disk image is a complete sector-by-sector copy of everything on your computer which captures all files on your system and makes an exact duplicate of your system.

File Level Backups

A file-level backup can be utilized to run a frequent or rapid capture of individual files or folders on a computer. This allows for fast file-level restore of individual files and folders that you have added to the backup scope.