Cell Phone Data Recovery

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Smartphones hold all our important data including our photos, videos, messages and contactst. When mobile phones fails, or suffers water damage Eric’s Computer Services can help retrieve these important files. With over a decade of professional experience you can trust all your data recovery needs for all Smartphones, regardless of operating system.

When data loss occurs, stop using the device or memory card to avoid data overwriting and have a data recovery diagnostic performed as soon as possible.


Mobile Device Failure Scenarios

Smartphones and other mobile devices can experience physical failure from use, failure from accidental damage or software errors. Some of the most common reasons mobile phones fail are:

  • Water Damage
  • Physical Damage including dropping the device, breaking the screen or charging port
  • Failed or Broken Circuit Boards
  • Reformatting or failure of a  Memory Card
  • Accidental Deletion
  • File Corruption

Professional cell phone recovery services are now available.


iPhone Data Recovery

Data recovery from iPhone and iOS Devices can be recovered in most cases from the smart phone even with proprietary encryption methods. Eric’s Computer Services has the expertise and tools to recover data from Apple cell phones and decrypt the data so it can be returned in a usable fashion and transferred to a new working iPhone.

Android Data Recovery

Data recovery from Android Phones whether on the devices storage or an SD card can be be recovered in most cases even with proprietary encryption methods. Eric’s Computer Services has the expertise and tools to recover data from Android Phones from Samsung and other manufacturers.

Most Commonly Requested Files

Pictures and videos are by far the most request files I get for all recoveries including cell phone requests.

Why hire an Expert to help retrieve your Cell Phone Data?

I have over 15 years of performing data recoveries including iPhone, Android, and SD Card. I was one of the first data recovery professionals in the Capital Region.

I frequently help with:

  • Cell Phones that will not turn on
  • Photo and Video recovery on a cell phone
  • SD Card Recovery for Android Phones
  • Fire, water, or other physical damage a Phone or to Micro SD Card

What can Cell Phone Data Recovery Get Back?

Eric’s Computer Services offers full recoveries for the Apple iPhone and Android smartphones. It is cutting edge technology to recovery all makes and models of mobile devices. Specialized processes are available to recover from encrypted  devices and return your data.

Customers get back what data they need typically with an iPhone you get back a full device backup in an iTunes format that can be loaded to a new iPhone. Android users get back a full copy of the data.

Depending on your device, after a successful recovery you will receive:

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Contacts
  • Messages
  • Call History
  • Note
  • and More!

The Best Cell Phone Data Recovery Laboratory

Many precious moments exist on your phone including pictures, videos, contacts, text messages and more. Data loss can occur at any time on a phone leaving you without access to your important files and contacts.

Eric’s Computer Services offers professional cell phone data recovery services.