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Eric’s Computer Services has the very best data recovery specialist in Albany, New York.

I am an expert and Certified Data Recovery Professional with thousands of hours of experience in data recovery, data backup solutions, and technology.

Professional and Highly-Rated

My clients coming back because I am offer professional data recovery. I pride myself on the personal and business relationships that I have built over the years.

How I became a Data Recovery Specialist Story

Prior to starting Eric’s Computer Services in 2003. I suffered a hard disk failure a 20GB internal hard drive. I started working at another computer store locally that has since close. There I was completing software recoveries and offering home-user and small business backup solutions.

Upon starting Eric’s Computer Services I started with offering computer repairs and continued to offer software recoveries as well as backup solutions.

Over the years I have transitioned to focusing on data recovery services. I still offer software recoveries, and have expanded to physical recoveries, SSD, and cell phone recoveries, and more.

I focus on home users and small business and I strive to keep reasonable fair pricing.

Certified Data Recovery Professional

I have been a Certified Data Recovery Professional since 2012.

data recovery certification

Affordable Top-Rated Data Recovery Specialist Services

I offer one of the most affordable professional data recovery labs in the United States. My prices tend to be 50-75% less than what large, or national data recovery businesses charge. The services I provides are top-notch and every Google review for data recovery for my business is  “5 stars”.

Data Recovery Specialist Consultation

If you would like to contact me. I would be happy to offer a free no-pressure phone consultation. This gives you a chance to talk directly with me about the case you would like to submit.

I have over a decade of experience in recovering data from all device types. I am an experienced engineer that has dealt with all types of device failure scenarios. My company has innovative data recovery methods for existing and brand new technology like the newest iPhone. This commitment to staying ahead of the technology curve with over a decade of experience makes Eric’s Computer Services the most reliable data recovery service in the industry.

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