Hard Drive Data Recovery

Hard Drive Recovery

Eric’s Computer Services performs hard drive data recovery from any make, model, brand, or operating system. I have experience with all types of data loss.

Eric’s Computer is the Capital Regions leader in hard drive data recovery. Home users and businesses alike rely on me to recover lost data from failed internal hard disk drives, external hard drives for PC and Macs that cannot be accessed. I am a data recovery export and consistently recover data from hard drives that computer shops have deemed “lost forever,”.

Before you start to panic, keep in mind that I deal with multiple recoveries every week as a data recovery professional. I offer better technology for recovery and backup solutions after a data loss at a reasonable price. I have over a decade of experience recovering lost data from internal and external hard drives.

Dead internal hard drive, external drive, failed computer or server, or is your device just not working? Don’t worry I help home users and small businesses recover data from drives.

Get a quote now for hard disk recovery! Ask questions and find out more about the cost and types of services I offer.

Professional data recovery services are now available.


I am one of the best in the industry at handling physical hard drive failures, logical data corruption and drives with a partition or other software issues.

Each data loss situation is unique for my customer which is why I require a data recovery diagnostic.

How do you fix Failed Hard Drives?

My approach first performs data recovery diagnostic to see what is wrong with the drive and if the issue is software only or hardware. If it is a software issue I can clone the drive and get started with a scan of data recovery software.

For drives with physical issues like stuck platters, failed read/write heads, etc. then those issues are fixed by disassembling the drive, finding all issues, and sourcing donor parts. All of this is done in a cleanroom.

If it’s a firmware issue highly specialized tools are used to fix those issues just so that the hard drive is good enough for me to recover data.

What are the signs of HDD failure?

The most common signs are a drive does not read on a computer or if it is the boot drive your computer can not load the operating system. Other common issues involve drives that are clicking, grinding, beeping or are very slow to read/access. Also, if the bios is unable to see the hard drive.

What drives do you support?

I support almost every internal and external hard drive. Some of the common models I get are:

  • Western Digital is the world’s largest hard disk drive manufacturer of desktop (3.5”) and laptop (2.5”) disk drives. Western Digital merged with Hitachi in 2012. Western Digital is often labeled WD or Western Digital Corporation on their media.
  • Seagate is the world’s second-largest manufacturer by volume.
  • Hitachi HGST (Hitachi Global Storage Technologies) was a manufacturer of hard disk drives, solid-state drives, and external storage products and services. It was initially a subsidiary of Hitachi, formed through its acquisition of IBM’s disk drive business. HGST was acquired by Western Digital in 2012. Until October 2015, it was required to operate autonomously from the remainder of the company due to conditions imposed by Chinese regulators. Later it was permitted Western Digital to begin wider integration of HGST into its main business. By 2018, the HGST brand had been phased out, with its remaining products now marketed under the Western Digital name.
  • Toshiba
  • LaCie (Seagate acquired LaCie in 2012)
  • Fujitsu (Toshiba acquired Fujitsu of their hard drive manufacturing capability in 1999).
  • G-Technology is owned by Western Digital and specializes in Mac drives
  • Maxtor (Seagate acquired Maxtor in 2006 and is a legacy brand of Seagate Technology)
  • Quantum was purchased by Maxtor back in 2000.
  • Samsung (In 2011 Seagate acquired Samsung hard drive division)
  • iOmega


I also have published a Data Recovery FAQ to help answer some commonly asked questions I get.