Training and Consultation

Professional Consultation

IT Consultation

Information Technology (I.T) training and consultation involve analyzing your current technology, providing a clear assessment, and deploying a carefully planned and thoroughly tested solution.

I believe the best way to achieve tangible, measurable results for my clients is to build a true partnership. I work with a wide range of growing businesses in the Capital Region. The rate at which Information Technology influences business operations is rapidly expanding. In today’s modern landscape, IT plays a massive role in the way we do business.

IT Consultation in businesses helps organizations become more efficient by streamlining and facilitating processes that help reduce costs, improve communication, boost performance, gain competitive advantages, build innovative products or services.

Why are IT consulting services important?

The tech industry offers an overwhelming amount of options, from operating systems, anti-virus software, programming languages, methodologies, technologies, project management tools, backup solutions, and more. All this diversity in IT offerings can be overwhelming, and without proper knowledge, near downright impossible to navigate.

It is advisable to hire a local IT consulting company that offers a robust portfolio of computer services, IT consulting services and that is knowledgeable and professional.

What is your current strategy?

Do you have an IT strategy in place to keep up with today’s technologies? Do you have a reliable long-term plan for your technology? I offer solutions that range from business computer support and computer security to data backup solutions.

Typical Stages and Life-cycle of IT solutions

Solution Planning

In this stage, I help you gather your requirements, and suggest solutions that align with your business.


Implement the customer-required solution and provide associate training.

Support and Maintenance

I offer complete, but not required support and maintenance services on all the solutions I provide to meet the needs of every customer.

Professional Training and Consultation is now available.


Computer Training

Home User Computer Training

For home users, I offer one-on-one training sessions which provide an opportunity to give users focused attention and help with their computer. I help you explore technology with confidence. Manage your files, stay safe online, and get the most from your software. Typically the most common kinds of training covered in this are general computer use, Microsoft Windows training, Microsoft Office training, and staying safe online. Join me for a hands-on lesson in getting the most from your technology. Whether you’re are an introductory user or an advanced user I offer all training levels and can always offer specific areas of help with specialized training.

Business User Computer Training

For business owners looking to make their environment more efficient, the cutting-edge training I offer is based on the latest technology and will help you, your staff or agency, improve both outcome and efficiency. Discover the best ways to make your business run more efficiently. For businesses I not only specialize in training individuals but in customized training for teams, groups, furthering business and corporate computing.

My training and consultation help businesses discover new ways to use and implement the technology.

Benefits of a Partnership with IT Consulting Companies

Here are some of the most prominent benefits of partnering with an IT consulting company:

  • Focus on core business functions. By hiring IT consulting companies, the complexities of managing IT-related tasks are absorbed by the service provider, leaving you and your employees to concentrate on core business functions.
  • Reduce downtime. Issues with internet connectivity should be a thing of the past and that is why companies that hire IT consulting companies have access to planned, measured approaches to provide ongoing system maintenance, data backups, and disaster recovery that reduces downtime to a minimum.
  • Access to specialized talent. When you are scaling your business or your business requirements change in the blink of an eye, an IT consulting partner like Eric’s Computer Services has on-demand resources and specialized talent such as data recovery.
  • Access to leverage greater technology solutions and services.
  • Gaining an edge with the newest stable technology with the help of a specialized IT consulting partner.