Service Prices

Data Recovery

Data Recovery Services
Please see my Cost of Data Recovery Page.

I offer professional data recovery services, and I am a Certified Data Recovery Professional. All data recovery services require a diagnostic.

For emergency, rush, onsite service, RAID, multiple drive setups, TIER5 services, obscure/legacy formats, and drives larger than 4TB I charge an upfront flat rate fee determined by the complexity and time estimate to get a recovery for the case.

After the data recovery diagnostic, I will be able to give you a detailed assessment of your drive or media, the tier of the recovery, and the time and cost to recover the data.

Estimated Work Time: Varies, please contact me to book a data recovery diagnostic.
Cost: Varies, typically project priced

Computer Services

Standard Computer Services
Standard computer service includes on-site service at your home or business, diagnostic of one desktop or laptop, no trip/travel costs, with a one-hour minimum.
Estimated Work Time: 1+ Hour(s)
Cost: $125 per hour (parts, hardware, software, 3rd party services or equipment are additional)

My standard computer services hourly rate covers:

  • General software, and hardware repairs
  • Troubleshooting
  • Virus spyware/malware removal
  • Remote assistance
  • Desktop and Laptop repairs for PC or Mac
  • Upgrades CPU/processor, ram/memory, hard drives, video cards, power supply, modding, water cooling, and more
  • Laptop Screen and DC power jack repairs
  • Networking/Wifi Setup with router configuration, security, and file sharing
  • Data backup and data transfer services
  • Training and consultation

The standard computer service hourly rate excludes these items:

  • Emergency or rush service
  • Weekend or holiday service
  • Items classified outside general computer services (data recovery, web services)
  • Cost of components, parts, 3rd party services, or equipment if applicable
  • Custom solutions, unique work, or larger work that requires a project or quote

Rush Emergency Computer Service
Rush or emergency computer service is available based upon appointment availability and cost varies by the issue/service.
Estimated Work Time: Varies
Cost: Varies

Operating System Installations
Standard operating system installation is one of my most common services and is a surefire way to fix all the software issues on a system. I reinstall the operating system (Windows 10 or Mac OSX) with the newest service pack and drivers. After that, I activate and register the OS. All Windows operating system installations come with a free anti-virus, including updates and more. I make sure your computer has updated internet browsers, flash, .PDF reader, burning software, unzipping software, software to uninstall programs efficiently, media software (music, movies, DVDs), and office software. Once complete I connect your computer to an existing internet connection if applicable.
Estimated Work Time: 2-3 Hours
Cost: $150 Flat Rate Service

Premium operating system installation includes everything the standard package offers plus I back up files and data from your computer user folder (Contacts, Desktop, Downloads, Documents, Music, Pictures, Videos, and Games) with a 50GB limit. This service includes the installation of one software application and one external peripheral device.
Estimated Work Time: 3-4 Hours
Cost: $175 Flat Rate Service

Advanced operating system installation includes everything the premium package offers plus installing one additional software application, configuring additional external peripheral devices. I do not restrict the data and will restore an unlimited size of files to your computer.
Estimated Work Time: 4-6 Hours
Cost: $250+

You got the goods, let’s book.


Web Services

I strive to offer professional web services to fit your exact needs. I typically do pricing by the project since work can vary from a new full site design to small updates or a full online advertising campaign.

Estimated Work Time: Varies, contact me to get started.
Cost: Varies, typically project priced


I provide over-the-phone estimates for free. An over-the-phone estimate is only an estimate and the best guess. An actual diagnostic or service requires a paid appointment and service.

A 10% discount is applied on all standard computer service prices for any active or retired military veterans with identification at the time of payment (no retroactive discounts are applied), no other promotions or coupons may be combined with this offer.

If you need a more exact price, free over the phone estimate, have questions on service prices, or if I did not mention something you are looking for please contact me.

Legacy Support

I work on legacy systems for data recovery. I do not offer general work on older systems or connect them to the internet for security and liability reasons including Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Pre-XP Operating Systems (2000, Me, 98, 95, etc), legacy Mac OS/OSX systems, or order Mac Operating Systems.