Photo and Video Recovery

Data Recovery DiagnosticHave you lost photographs of your family, vacations, children or big events such as a birthday party? Have you lost important videos from a GoPro, or pictures and video from a Canon, Nikon, or Sony camera? Then, I can help with your photo and video recovery.

Eric’s Computer Services specializes in photo and video recovery including recovery of SD Cards, software recovery, recovery from Digital Images, Movies and Audio Formats, failures caused by bad hardware, and rebuilding corrupt or deleted pictures with original date-timestamp and file names.

Professional data recovery services are now available.


Why hire an Expert to help retrieve your Pictures and Videos?

I have over 15  years of performing data recoveries. I was one of the first data recovery professionals in the Capital Region. Recovery pictures is my number one requested service from my non-business customers.

I frequently help with:

  • Images that have been accidentally deleted
  • Errors resulting from moving photos
  • Corrupt pictures
  • Reformatted memory cards or physically failed memory cards
  • Fire, water, or other physical damage to SD (miniSD, microSD) or Compact Flash or other (MMC, Memory stick, xD) memory cards
  • USB Flash drives
  • Damaged digital cameras, or cell phones