Photo and Video Recovery

Data Recovery DiagnosticHave you lost photographs of your family, vacations, children, or big events such as a birthday party? Have you lost important videos from a GoPro, or pictures and video from a Canon, Nikon, or Sony camera? Then,

I can help with your photo and video recovery.

Eric’s Computer Services specializes in photo and video recovery including recovery of SD Cards, software recovery, recovery from Digital Images, Movies, and Audio Formats, failures caused by bad hardware, and rebuilding corrupt or deleted pictures with original date-timestamp and file names.

When data loss occurs, stop using the device or memory card to avoid data overwriting and have a data recovery diagnostic performed as soon as possible.

Professional data recovery services are now available.


Why hire an Expert to help retrieve your Pictures and Videos?

I have over 15  years of performing data recoveries. I was one of the first data recovery professionals in the Capital Region. Recovery pictures is my number one requested service from my home users.

I frequently help with:

  • Images that have been accidentally deleted
  • Photo and Video loss that occurred on a camera
  • Errors resulting from moving photos
  • Corrupt pictures
  • Reformatted memory cards or physically failed memory cards
  • Fire, water, or other physical damage to SD (miniSD, microSD) or Compact Flash or other (MMC, Memory stick, xD) memory cards
  • USB Flash drives
  • Internal and External Hard Drives and Solid State Drives
  • Damaged digital cameras, or cell phones

Accidental Deletion

Accidental deletion of photos and videos from cameras occurs frequently. Luckily, I can perform a diagnostic and get started recovering your deleted photos, videos, and more from cameras, camcorders, cell phones, SD cards, hard drives or other storage devices.

Photo and Video Loss on Cameras

Digital cameras are widely popular and can be used for professional photography work, home pictures, vacation pics, or recreational photos. Cameras from Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Casio, Panasonic, or other brands, store the photos on an SD card (SDHC cards, SDXC cards) or other types of memory card like compact flash. Data loss occurs on all kinds of storage media, memory cards in digital cameras are no exception.

If a camera asks you to format the device because the SD card has a RAW file system or it tells you a message similar to you need to format the memory card, don’t format it.

Some of the most common reasons why you lose photos and videos from a camera are:

  • Accidental deletion of photos or videos from the camera
  • The camera’s memory card is formatted unintentionally or the camera shows “Memory Card not formatted. Do you want to format it now?”, “you need to format the disk”, or “disk not formatted.
  • An SD card is corrupted and you lose the photos and videos
  • The camera has a hardware failure and causes a file loss

The photos and videos that a camera takes always carry precious memories or important information. That’s why you need to perform photo and video recovery. Fortunately, with the help of photo and video recovery software, you can get it done effortlessly.

The Bottom Line

Photo and video recovery, whether on cameras, Android phones, hard drives, or other devices, is possible as long as the media is accessible and the data is not overwritten by new content. It’s necessary to stress to customers to stop using the storage device from which you have lost data continued operation may overwrite the content.