Data Recovery Diagnostic

Data Recovery DiagnosticThe ability to determine if all files are recoverable and the cost of data recovery is determined when I perform a data recovery diagnostic. A diagnostic or evaluation is the first step and is critical in the data recovery process. A diagnostic is a clear understanding of the specific issues with your drive or media, and knowing exactly what is wrong is required to develop a plan for the data recovery process.

Eric’s Computer Services and my data recovery partners have specialized software, hardware, and data recovery training and successful recovery of cases to help determine why your failure occurred. I can help with hard drives, external drives, USB Flash drives, SSDs, flash media, CDs, DVDs, smartphones, tablets, and other types of media for your recovery.

The diagnostic includes a detailed report of the failure, the total cost for recovery, the chance of success, and an estimated completion time. This helps you make an informed decision before you make a commitment. If you decide to proceed, we can start a recovery. If you decline, you are not obligated to anything past the data recovery diagnostic charge.

Professional data recovery services are now available.



Why Hire a Data Recovery Expert?

Hiring a data recovery expert is often important as the first chance of recovery has the highest chance of success and often you might only get one chance at recovery. Trust and experience are important when choosing a data recovery company. Eric’s Computer Services is a certified Data Recovery Professional and is partnered with the best data recovery companies in the country.

Special tools, software, specific parts, and data recovery experience are all needed to recover data from Windows or Macintosh, hardware and/or software issues.  If you’ve had some data loss, and you’re worried that either you don’t know how to recover it yourself or the data is too sensitive to give to anyone other than a professional, the only thing left to do is go to a professional data recovery service.

Regardless of data loss, I can recover data from physical, mechanical, hardware failures, logical, software failures, deleted files, corrupt files, and even floppy disks!

Experience and Specialty Equipment

Many small or large companies have their own IT teams that can handle most tasks. However, in a number of instances, such as hard disk failure, data can be lost. Data recovery is a specific technical skill that requires experience and specialized equipment. Many services are very intensive and require years of training and expertise.

What are the Steps after an Evaluation?

I strive to keep the evaluation and recovery process transparent with my customers informed about your choices and options through the evaluation process and recovery of your media.

After the diagnostic, if you choose to proceed your data will be recovered as specific to that recovery and you will be provided with it on return media (usually a flash drive or external hard drive).

So let’s get started with your data recovery diagnostic so I can help you understand what is going on with your failed hard drive or media and I can help you get your data back!