World Backup Day!

World Backup DayWorld Backup Day is March 31st! Having a backup is the most important thing you can do on your computer, phone or tablet. As opposed to having all your data only on one device, you keep another copy of everything somewhere safe.

Losing data is way more common than you’d think. One small accident or failure could destroy all the important stuff you care about and lead to a data recovery situation or data loss.

30% of people have never been backed up (source)

29% of disasters are caused by accident (source)

113 phones lost or stolen every minute (source: via Safeware1)

1 in 10 computers infected with viruses each month (source: via ICSA Labs/TruSecure)

What is a Backup?

A backup is a second copy of all your important files — for example, your family photos, home videos, documents and emails. Instead of storing all data in one place (like your computer), you keep another copy of everything somewhere safe. For a proper backup you should utilize the 3-2-1 method.

Backing up your whole computer

Often it is best to backup your whole computer. Grabbing a whole computer backup or cloning is ideal as then you have your operating system, programs, settings and data backed up.

Get Backed Up

With so much of our lives, photos, and videos being stored in digital form, it is important that we begin to make backups of our precious data.  Backing up your data is one of those easy-to-do procedures that many people ignore.

Already have a backup procedure in place? If you don’t, consider making a plan to protect your data. One should also check (and then recheck) your backup restores on World Backup Day to see if they actually work. After all, a backup plan that doesn’t work isn’t much of a backup plan.

After all World Backup Day is right before April Fools Day. Backup your data.