Intel unveils upgraded 6th Gen Intel Core processors

6th Gen Intel Core processors upgrade your computer

Is it time to upgrade? It is if you’re going to get an upgrade to the new 6th Gen Intel® Core™ i5 and i7 processors.

The 6th Generation Intel® Core™ processors set a new standard for speed, performance and up to triple the battery life compared to current computers. The new i5 and i7 processors are optimized to run Windows more efficiently and securely.
The all new Skylake support DDR4 or DDR3L with the architecture supporting up to 64GB of ram. The new default speed is a blazing fast 2133MHz with potential for higher speeds with overclocking. The 6th Generation Intel® Core™ desktop processors deliver striking graphics in Ultra HD 4K, and improved responsive performance with advanced in multitasking for gaming, rendering, editing, or creating.

Sounds fantastic right? It is but new motherboards will need to be purchased as well because the CPUs require the new 1151 socket.

Intel’s take is right on and it is time for many home consumers and business to upgrade. There are “over 500 million computers in use today that are four to five years old or older. They are slow to wake, their batteries don’t last long, and they can’t take advantage of all the new experiences available today. Built on the new Skylake microarchitecture on Intel’s leading 14nm manufacturing process technology, 6th Gen Intel Core processors deliver up to two and a half times better performance, triple the battery life, and graphics that are 30 times better for seamless and smooth gaming and video experiences versus the average 5-year-old computer. They can also be half as thin and half the weight, have faster wake up time, and battery life that lasts virtually all day”.

The 6th Gen Intel Core processors offer a variety of additional features and more computers will have support for Thunderbolt™ 3 for USB Type-C for faster transfers on new phones and tablets.

The prices that Intel has published appear to near the same as it’s Broadwell chips. From a from a price perspective choosing the new generation for a new computer is a no-brainer.  For upgrades on desktop computers there is a bit of a catch in that Skylake uses a new motherboard socket and memory, meaning you’ll need to send more money in upgrades to run Skylake. Skylake brings DDR4 memory. If you like to put a lot of hardware in your PC, the Z170 is a huge improvement over the rather bandwidth-limited Haswell-Z97 platform. The new motherboards also support up to 20 PCIe gen-3 lanes. Next-generation high-speed storage interface supporting up to 6 Gb/s transfer rates for optimal data access with up to 2 SATA 6Gb/s ports24 in Y-series and 3 SATA 6Gb/s ports24 in U-series. The PCH SATA controller also supports SATA 3 Gb/s and 1.5 Gb/s transfer capabilities.

If you are looking a laptop Skylake is powerful with even lower power consumption, so your portable’s battery should theoretically last a bit longer. With the 6th Gen Intel Core processor family improving energy efficiency at a processor and platform level new possibilities emerge. 6th Gen Intel Core systems have longer battery life versus previous generations of chips form Intel and can use even smaller batteries to enable thinner and lighter systems. For video playback a new low-power media transcode enhancement reduces power consumption dramatically. With the Core m processors , 2 in 1s and clamshell notebooks allow razor thin design and and fanless options for ultra mobility. With Core i processors (U-series), the improvements mean that productivity and creation are possible in increasingly sleek designs.

Intel announced five families of microprocessors four for the Core family, as well as new Core m i3, i5, and i7 processors.

Intel officials said several key changes were made that add better for overclocking over previous chips, and the CPUs themselves are fully unlocked. It is estimated that the ships will hit in the 6GHz range on liquid nitrogen, with reports of 5GHz on air “possible.” The top-end Skylake CPU is about 10% faster than the Core i7-4790K according to Intel. It is 20% faster than the Core i7-4770K and an amazing 30% faster than an i7-3770K.