Avast! Anti-Virus Reseller

Anti-Virus Reseller Eric’s Computer Services is now an Avast! Anti-Virus Reseller. I am able to sell AVAST Professional, Internet Security, Home Server, Enterprise, Linux and Mac versions and more! Eric’s Computer Service’s will also provide full support. As an Avast! Anti-Virus Reseller I can keep your computers safe! Avast! has always been a pioneer in … Read more

Ontrack Partnership

Ontrack Partnership Eric’s Computer Services is proud to announce my Ontrack Partnership. I am further expanding my data recovery services and is now an Ontrack® Data Recovery Authorized Partner. Ontrack EasyRecovery is one of my premier data recovery tools. Ontrack EasyRecovery Ontrack EasyRecovery helps if a hard drive has crashed, been infected by a virus, … Read more

Expansion of Data Recovery Services

Expansion of Data Recovery Services Eric’s Computer Services is expanding our data recovery services. My expansion of data recovery services  comes with a new partnership for this year is with Drive Savers. I know how awful the thought of losing your irreplaceable personal and business data can be. I even had full drive failure and … Read more