Top Five Disaster Recovery Mistakes

Top Five Disaster Recovery Mistakes Data Recovery is a big business, and data loss happens every day. These are the top five disaster recovery mistakes businesses make. Disasters can strike at any time. Sure, you can always purchase a new computer, server, hardware, but the key to ensuring survival for your business is robust data … Read more

How to Recover Data from a Dropped Hard Drive

Dropped Hard Drive How to Recover Data from a Dropped Hard Drive Hard drives are very sensitive to any form of external force. Often the drives I get have been dropped on the ground from a height of more than a few feet. This is especially true with external hard drives. External hard drives, also … Read more

The top five data recovery myths

Are you falling for the top five data recovery myths? As soon as people began storing data on hard drives, hard drives began failing and data began to be lost. Here are some of the more common data recovery myths that I get asked about and educated customers on. I thought it time to quash … Read more

Clicking hard drive noise what causes it?

Clicking hard drive noise what causes it? If a dropped hard drive is clicking and it isn’t working anymore, it is likely that the platters, arm or hard drive head were damaged and misaligned from the impact. Also clicking issues can stem from a drive with physical issues from age or normal wear and tear. … Read more

Why you should never open a failed hard drive

Why You Should Never Open a Failed Hard Drive Small Particles Cause Damage When a failed hard drive is making a clicking or isn’t spinning there is a temptation by many customers to open the drive itself. A hard drive that is in need of data recovery should never be open. The cover of your … Read more

What is Backup and Disaster Recovery or BDR?

What is Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR)? Disaster recovery (DR) of backups involves policies, procedures, and deployment to recover data or the continuation technology infrastructure, systems and data following a data loss caused by a disaster. Disaster recovery focuses on the technology systems supporting critical business functions. Disaster recovery is, therefore, a subset of business … Read more