City of Albany Cyberattack

City of Albany Cyberattack New York’s Capital, Albany, New York – Hit by Ransomware Attack Last updated September 30th, 2019 The City of Albany Cyberattack occurred on March 30th, with city officials working over the weekend to respond to the incident. The City of Albany cyberattack has made damages to the City of Albany and … Read more

Physically Damaged Hard Drive with Fingerprint Contamination 99.99% Data Extraction

Damaged Hard Drive with Fingerprint Contamination A client recently lost data a portable hard drive due mechanical failure. The external portable hard drive was contain the only copies of data the customer needed and had data going back years with multiple computers worth of information back to 2005. The drive was a Seagate External Backup … Read more

Top Five Disaster Recovery Mistakes

Top Five Disaster Recovery Mistakes Data Recovery is a big business, and data loss happens every day. These are the top five disaster recovery mistakes businesses make. Disasters can strike at any time. Sure, you can always purchase a new computer, sever, hardware, but the key to ensuring survival for your business is robust data … Read more

How to Recover Data from a Dropped Hard Drive

Dropped Hard Drive How to Recover Data from a Dropped Hard Drive Hard drives are very sensitive to any form of external force. Often the drives I get have been dropped on the ground from a height of more than a few feet. This is especially true with external hard drives. External hard drives, also … Read more

The top five data recovery myths

Are you falling for the top five data recovery myths? As soon as people began storing data on hard drives, hard drives began failing and data began to be lost. Here are some of the more common data recovery myths that I get asked about and educated customers on. I thought it time to quash … Read more