MacBook Pro (Mid 2012 – Early 2013) 7+17 Pin Drive

SanDisk SD5SL2-512G-1205E This case covers a MacBook Pro (Mid 2012 – Early 2013) 7+17 Pin Software Data Recovery for a customer who was located in Niskayuna, NY. He reached out for data recovery. This SSD used the Apple proprietary  7+17 Pin connector.  The Generation 2A drives were manufactured by Samsung and SanDisk for Apple. This drive happens to be a SanDisk 512GB 7+17 Pin  (512GB ORBTS 655-1801B). While the customer had the MacBook Pro from early 2013, the Mid 2012 drives pretty much the same.

Initial Failure and Diagnostic

The client’s MacBook stopped booting and he was looking to recover the data. I was able to interface a data recovery PC to the proprietary 7+17 interface. After the initial diagnostic of the drive, it showed the drive had good hardware health and that this case was only a software recovery.

I was then able to make a clone or exact copy of the drive.

Retrieving the Customers Files

I was able to run data recovery software against the clone and recover all the customer’s files and place them on a new 1TB external hard drive. The new 1TB return media and the original drive were returned to the customer.

SanDisk SD5SL2-512G-1205E Recovery

Mac Recovery

I specialize in mac data recovery from logically and physically failed Apple Devices such as the Apple MacBook, iMac, Mac Mini, and Mac Pro including proprietary connectors. I can recover from the MacBook Pro (Mid 2012 – Early 2013) 7+17 pin connector and other Apple proprietary connectors.

I offer hardware recoveries and have specialized software utilities for getting data back on macOS.

Results were 100% Data Recovered

Overall, ~595,000 files were on the drive and all were recovered totaling 461GB. The end result was 100% of the files were recovered and 100% of the files the customer needed to be recovered.

Niskyauna Mac 7+17pin Recovery

The customer had photos going back 8 years on the drive (2012-2020) and various documents they needed.

family vacation photograph

*note this is royalty-free stock photo showing a family picture and not an actual customer image.


Drive:  SanDisk 512GB 7+17 Pin SD5SL2-512G-1205E (512GB ORBTS 655-1801B)

Capacity: 512GB

Recovery Percentage: 100%

Clients Response: The client was amazed at the outcome, professionalism and they can proudly give a recommendation for my data recovery services.