Expansion of Data Recovery Services

Expansion of Data Recovery Services Drive SaversEric’s Computer Services is expanding our data recovery services. My expansion of data recovery services  comes with a new partnership for this year is with Drive Savers.

I know how awful the thought of losing your irreplaceable personal and business data can be. I even had full drive failure and data loss on a 20GB hard drive from a computer running Windows Me (Windows Millennium Edition).

This is my seventh year of offering data recovery and I know that everyone’s case is unique. I as a data recovery professionals take the time to get to know your individual story, and you needs. Including offering to fix your computer and offer a backup soltuioin.

Software recoveries, deleted files, crashed hard drives, failed hardware, and dropped external hard drives are my specialty. However I work on internal drives, USB flash drives, SD cards, floppy discs and more.


This comes at a time where I am looking to have an expansion of data recovery services not only in the form of partnerships but additional resources to be able to provide a larger range of solutions. I have partnered with Drive Savers.

Drive Savers data privacy with a secure data recovery process and expands my recovery capabilities with access to clean rooms, data recovery engineers, and specialty recovery tools for devices like SSD Drives, iPads and iPhones.