G-DRIVE Data Recovery

The G-Technology G-DRIVE family consists of high performance external hard drives and storage devices made by Western Digital. They come in Apple similar style, usually in an all-aluminum enclosure and are macOS-compatible, and Time Machine-ready.

I can help restore data from failed or crashed G-Technology drives including the G-DRIVE, portable models, RAID drives and SSD rugged external hard drives. As a leading data recovery service provider Eric’s Computer Services has been providing Apple Mac data recovery services in the Capital Region for more than a decade. Along with MacBook, iMac, Mac mini, and Mac Pro recoveries I also get data back from iPhones, SD cards, and hard drives.

When users contact me for data recovery they are usually seeking photo and video recovery, along with documents from a failed drive.

G-DRIVE external hard drive

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G-DRIVE External Hard Drive

Newer  feature USB-C, Thunderbolt 3, USB3.1 and USB3.0  and traditional hard drives inside or SSDs, while older models featured USB2.0 and traditional hard drives. The G-Technology G-DRIVE is the most common product and has multiple variation including a PRO version, mobile version, and models with SSDs and USB-C.



The G-RAID is solution from G-Technology that features Thunderbolt 3 for high-performance mac users. The drive features RAID, two 7200RPM Enterprise-class hard drives, Thunderbolt 3, USB-C 3.1, and HDMI. The fast, high-capacity system is a common favorite among photographs and videographers since the system can support multi-stream video workflows (HD, 2K, 4K and HDR).
ArmoratdG-drive evG-Speed ShuttleG-Speed Shuttle XL


The G-DRIVE ArmorATD is a portable rugged hard drive that is made for travelers, outdoor use and features a solid aluminum enclosure and triple-layer shock resistance.

The G-DRIVE ev RaW features standard or SSD drives and is quipped with a lightweight enclosure and protective rubber bumper enclosure.

G-SPEED Shuttle/Shuttle XL/Shuttle SSD feature transportable hardware RAID solution enclosures. Aimed at content creators. photographers and videographers. The offer huge capacity and high performance. These support RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10 and 50 configurations.

G-DRIVE Supported Models

I recover data from all models of G-Technology drives including all RAID configurations. G-Technology is part of Western Digital and offers external hard drive and professional storage devices . You can rely on Eric’s Computer Services for all your G-Technology hard drive, RAID, and SSD data recovery needs.

I specialize in data recovery from logically and physically failed Apple Devices. I offer hardware recoveries and have specialized software utilities for getting data back on macOS including new, current, and previous older models G-Drive drives.

  • G-DRIVE with Thunderbolt
  • G-DRIVE Mobile, Mobile SSD, Mobile Pro SSD
  • G-RAID
  • G-DRIVE ArmorATD
  • Armolock
  • G-DRIVE ev RaW, G-DRIVE ev RaW SSD
  • G-SPEED Shuttle, Shuttle XL, Shuttle SSD
  • Legacy products

G-Drive external hard drive not showing up

When you plug in G-DRIVE external hard drive into your Mac, should appear. However, if your G-Technology external hard drive is not showing up or being recognized by your Mac. If the G-Technology external hard drive is not being recognized by your Mac computer, you cannot access or save the files stored on it. There are many common causes why a drive becomes unreadable.

What are the common causes of data loss from G-Technology devices?

G-Drive or other storage devices that G-Technology make are prone to data loss like all storage devices. They are suffer from software data loss scenarios as well as hardware failures. Some model are more rugged and can survive drops but their standard drives can suffer physical damage from being dropped and require dropped drive data recovery.

I have the capability to recover Mac formatted external hard drives from all Apple file systems including MFS, HFS, HFS+, HSFX.

Signs of a failing hard drive in a Mac computer can include not being able to see, use or mount the hard drive. Displaying a grey envelope, errors in Disk Utilities, files/folders/partitions disappear mysteriously, or an OS that freezes or does not boot when you turn on your computer on. I am a Certified Data Recovery Expert and I am here to help.

Recovery of Pictures and Videos

The biggest thing home users and Apple users are looking for is the recovery of photos and videos.

G-Technology products are often used with Apple computers by pro or hobbyist photographers. They are often picked since they are an Mac external hard drive with high-speed data transferring and storage capabilities. The G-DRIVE and G-Technology company provides a good solution for storing large files; however, data loss can still occur. There is always a possibility of data deletion or corruption with any drive.

In addition G-Technology products I also offer recovery on all Western Digital and San Disk Products.  I can help get all forms of data back including photos, videos, documents, business files and more.

G-Drive Product Overview

Here is a overview of the 2021 G-Technology  products with their interfaces (thunderbolt, USB-C, of USB) and indication if the device is an SSD, RAID enabled or contains an enterprise class hard drive.

G-technology storage product chart 2021

Actual External Hard Drive Recovery Customers

Kristen Pierce Photography

I helped Kristen from Kristen Pierce Photography from Lake George, New York get back 100% of her data.

Her Google review highlights my data recovery services on her external hard drive “I feel lucky to have found Eric’s Computer Services for data recovery on my external hard drive that I use with Lightroom on my Macbook. As a professional photographer, I was in despair over the possibility of losing so much work and I was really uncomfortable with the idea of sending my equipment through the mail to a recovery company. Eric’s Computer Service recovered 100% of my data in a timely fashion, all the while using clear communication to keep me informed of the process and timeline. Eric hand delivered my recovered data and is working with me to set up a better back-up system so that I never have to go through this ordeal again. I highly recommend Eric’s Computer Services.”

Kristene Pierce Photography Macbook Google Review

Professional Services

I have over a decade of years of experience in getting data back from these drives. With great reviews and clear transparent pricing. It’s easy to see why Eric’s Computer Services as a Data Recovery Specialist has expertise to retrieve your valuable data.