Data Loss in the Town of Milton

The Town of Milton in Saratoga County suffered a data loss. Milton is located near Ballston Spa. The town’s previous administration intentionally wiped the town’s computers of nearly all data including files and programs.

Town of Milton Data Loss

The new town Supervisor Benny Zlotnick stated it is uncertain who did it but was told by the former secretary that there was confidential information on the computers and that is why nearly everything was gone.

“I don’t know what’s missing,” Zlotnick said to the Times Union. “We are still trying to get out feet on the ground. I hope things are backed up, but we don’t know.”

Zlotnick and the Town of Milton had hired an outside IT specialist who worked on the problem for two days.

Let’s hope he is skilled in Data Recovery.

Town councilwoman Barbara Kerr, stated the cost is about $95 an hour. She is also concerned that there could be problems in fulfilling future Freedom of Information (FOIA) requests. Barbara Kerr believes it is “extremely unprofessional”. “This is no way for a new administration to come in. I’m not even sure how legal it is to do something like that. It’s destroying town property. If there was something confidential on the computers, it belonged to the town.”

Always remember to have a solid backup, complete backup plan if you are a business or town. Also a cloud-based backup would be a real asset to any business or town.