Custom Built Computers

Custom Built ComputersCustom Computers

My custom desktop PCs are designed for power, expertly engineered, tested, and reliable. I focus on quality components and my builds are second to none. With every customer, I find out their needs and can build a single system for home, business gaming, or work.

I most often focus on the latest advanced technology available with the most cutting-edge tech for the best solutions for gaming, photo, and video editing. However, I can often higher-quality systems around the cost of pre-built systems.

An advantage with picking a customer computer system from my business is I set up the computer for local Capital Region clients and offer service and long-term support.

Business and Home PCs

When people think of a custom PC. They usually think of gaming PC. I often get customers looking for a quality PC that will last a long time and that they can get local support for. For customers like these, they may want to use a PC for Microsoft Office, email, photos, fairly easy to run programs, and browsing the web.

Custom Built PCs are now available.


Gaming Computers

If you want one of the best gaming PCs you’ll need some power. If you’re looking for the greatest and most demanding PC games you might need some high-end performance. PC gaming should be immersive, and there’s nothing that can ruin your gaming experience more than having below-average parts that aren’t powerful enough.

It’s tremendously exciting when you’re I help customers pick out a gaming PC. It is best if you come with your needs, desires, wants, and list of games you are looking to play in order to find the right system. I can help with an absolute beast of a machine to drive the resolution of one of the best gaming monitors, or I can help with a high-end or mid-range system.

Video and Photo Editing PCs

Computers should be a pleasure to purchase and own when you use them for photo and video editing. A workstation should get your work done fast and be built for the job. As part of that, the hardware needs to be selected. I can ensure that your software runs properly and that the hardware is optimized for performance.

Rather than getting a generic pre-built workstation, my photo and video systems are designed around your workflow, programs and optimized for speed and with available options for media backups.

Photo editing, content creation, video editing, and post-production of video is some of the most demanding work a computer can perform other than gamin. Whether it is editing 4k video, editing timelines. cropping footage, or exporting finished video to different formats high-end hardware saves big time. It is essential that to have a capable Windows workstation be able to handle that load. For professionals time is money, so money spent on better quality and reliable PC is worth it.

CPU processor power, RAM memory, SSD/hard drive storage, graphics card, and your LCD monitor are the five most important hardware features to look for in an editing computer. Additionally, a high-quality power supply is a must for any video editing PC. Many factors exist to have the right computer built. I can help you tune the configuration of your workstation to your unique software and work needs.

Components Offered

There are the components I most commonly use for builds but I can offer anything that is new and would fit your configuration.

Desktop Processors: (CPUs): AMD and Intel
Graphics Cards: (GPUs) Nvidia and AMD from EVGA, MSI, Gigabyte, Asus, Sapphire Radeon, XFX, and PowerColor.
Solid State Drives (SSDs) and Hard Drives: Western Digital, Seagate, HGST, Samsung, Intel, Crucial, Sabrent, Kingston and Team Group
Motherboards: Asus, ASRock, MSI, Intel, and Gigabyte
Ram: Corsair, GSkill, Crucial, OCZ, Mushkin, Kingston, Hynix, and Transcend
Cases: Corsair, Fractal Design, Coolermaster, Phanteks, Thermaltake, LIAN LI, be quiet!, Antec, NZXT, and Silverstone
Power Supplies: Corsair, EVGA, SeaSonic, Thermaltake, Cooler Master, Antec, and NZXT

What are the Advantages of a Custom Built PC?

Custom-built computers allow you an opportunity to design your computer according to your own specifications.

  • Configuration – When you selecting a custom PC, you can select every single component. The computer can be tailored to your exact needs, which is something that you can’t do with pre-built systems. Not to mention the options for cabling, lighting, etc.
  • Upgradability – It is usually easier to add or upgrade components with more spacious cases, higher quality power supplies, and better motherboards.
  • Quality of components – You can pick quality components and I can look for individual part reviews and specifications.
  • Warranty – You get a warranty direct from the manufacturers of the components. Many are longer than the standard warranty from buying a pre-built OEM. For example, if you buy Dell it has a standard 1-year warranty, however, if you buy an Intel or AMD CPU you have a 3-year warranty on the same part.

Pre Built Computer vs. Custom

One of the best reasons why you should build your look into a custom PC is it has the best price-to-performance ratio. One of the other major points of building your own computer is the fact that you can customize it to your needs. Often pre-built computers, the component choice isn’t what you would choose, or does it meet your needs.

I ready touched on it but with buying individual parts you don’t get a single warranty on your own system, but rather individual warranties on each of your components. Warranties on individual components are typically longer than the standard 1-year warranty. Individual parts often have 1 year-2 year, 3, 5, or more on Samsung SSDs. 10 years on components such as corsair power supplies, or even lifetime warranties on some items like all RAM memory modules from Corsair.

One thing that turns some people away from building a PC is that the process of building a computer is harder than buying a pre-built computer and it has more responsibility and risk than buying a pre-built one. That is removed with getting a PC from Eric’s Computer Services.

I can also help you choose, set up, and deliver any pre-built computer if it suits your needs better.