Anti-Virus Reseller

AVAST_Authorized_Reseller_smallEric’s Computer Services is now an Avast! Anti-Virus Reseller. I am able to sell AVAST Professional, Internet Security, Home Server, Enterprise, Linux and Mac versions and more! Eric’s Computer Service’s will also provide full support.

As an Avast! Anti-Virus Reseller I can keep your computers safe!

Avast! has always been a pioneer in the Antivirus software industry and has been helping customers around the world protect their businesses against viruses, malware and spyware for almost a decade. Their anti-virus products are fast and secure with regular virus database updates and they have a large community of users providing constant feedback you can be assured Avast! has your computer secured.

Eric’s Computer Services is happy to grant special discounts on Avast! Anti-virus and work with their products regularly as part of my computer services.

It is time to update your anti-virus program. Threats are evolving faster than ever, and the latest generation of antivirus software is better equipped to handle these changes. If your antivirus platform is outdated it may not be able to defend against threats, even if you faithfully download new virus definitions. The technology that powers antivirus software has improved dramatically. Newer products do a much better job of stopping online threats of stopping viruses and other known malware.

Product Offering

Avast! offers a mix of small business and home offerings.

Small Business Protection

Avast is certified as Windows 8 and 8.1 compatible. Designed for individuals and small businesses with a limited number of employees:

Avast! Pro Antivirus

The new Pro 5 version has a slick updated, excellent scan speeds, and now includes next-generation virtualization technology. It also supplies essential security plus additional protection against DNS hijacking and a test space for suspicious files. Avast! the most-trusted security in the world and added the first home-network scanner. You also get SafeZone – an extra-secure place to bank and pay bills online – and a Sandbox test space you can control to safely run apps and files you’re unsure about. More than 200 million people around the world trust Avast for their security and anti-virus. With just one click smart scan is now offered, it allows scanning for hacker threats, software that needs to be updated, your home network security, and your PC‘s operating status. Run a easy scan to see how your PC, router, and other software are doing.

  • Sets up virtual sandbox environments to safely test suspicious applications. Sometimes you download something that could be unsafe. Avast Sandbox lets your run an program or view a website in a safe and secure virtual environment isolated from the rest of your computer to reduce risk.
  • Initiates desktop safe-zone isolation to protect your personal information during sensitive online operation like internet banking and shopping
  • I recommend Avast! Pro Antivirus as part of a service for any customers needing virus removal

Internet Security

Includes all the features of Pro plus the following extra features:

  • Firewall wall protection
  • Anti-spam technology

Business Protection

Designed for volume license company email scanning, and file server protection, Avast! have created a suit of products to suit the demands of a business environment. Provides award winning anti-spyware and anti-virus cover alongside web based central updating and management of websites making management of the anti-virus system much easier for small businesses.

Business Protection Plus

Has all the features of Avast! Business protection with the added protection of Firewalls and Spam filters.

Email Server Security

Provides vital protection for you mailbox server by scanning your company’s email traffic for malicious software.

File Server Security

Scans all traffic handled by your server to ensure powerful anti-virus, malware and spyware protection.