Hacktoberfest & Open SourceHacktoberfest & Open Source

Eric’s Computer Services participated in Digital Oceans 2nd annual Hacktoberfest. Hacktoberfest is a celebration of OSS (open source software) put on by Digital Ocean and completed on GitHub. For creating four pull requests on any GitHub-hosted open source projects by Halloween (October 31st) you get this awesome t-shirt (featured left).

So what happened last year and what is going on now? Well, Hacktoberfest is a month-long event encouraging to contribute to GitHub OSS (open source software) projects. You can have any level of skill form beginner to expert, fix and find software bugs, or simply update documentation. Always wanted to get started in coding or development now maybe your chance. For the shirt all you need to submit at least four pull requests to an open source project hosted on GitHub. (Pull requests are geek-technical speak for a way of integrating new code into software.)

That’s not all. Digital Ocean is also promoting OSS (open source software) this month by highlighting a different open source project each day on its website.


I use WooI use Woo, Woocommerce that is

It was a matter of when, not if Woocommerce would become dominate. Woocommerce now powers 30% of all online stores. It holds the biggest market share of any online eCommerce software and has over 10 million downloads. It has become the favored platform by many web developers and users looking to sell their items or services. I use Woo.

I love it. I use Woo, so why should you?

It comes down to three real reasons. They first is WooCommerce is an open source platform that is free to download. It is completely free and there are some great free plugins that expand its capability, but you may also want or need to purchase some paid plugins.

Second Woocommerce runs on WordPress which is an amazing Content Management System, and finally Woocommerce just works. There is a reason it holds the majority of the market share, it is simply great. I am glad to be a part of the teams success no matter how small!


20 Sep / 2015

Data Recovery Renewal

data-recovery-renewalData recovery renewal serving customers for 2015 and forward!

I renewed my 24 Hour Data Recovery Partnership this month. The Data Recovery renewal is important as I continue to take on challenging data recovery cases to give my customers they best access to available technology.

I also completed a complex data recovery case that involved recovering tens of thousands of photographs from a customers Western Digital 2TB external hard drive. Using sophisticated methods we were able to get the data from a large drive that had physical issues and a head failure. My customer was very excited to have all of her photos back!

08 Sep / 2015

Windows 10 Updates

Windows 10 UpdatesWindows 10 Updates

Windows 10 has a lot of great things going for it – but I suggest holding off on the upgrade because of the Windows 10 updates.

I have been contacted by customers for Western Digital My Passport external hard drives no being read, network driver issues, and other driver problems.

Why so far it is testing out to be a great operating system I suggest waiting a few more months to run it on any business computers or any computer that is mission critical.

Free upgrades from Windows 7, and 8/8.1 and packing new features like Cortana and Edge, and it brings back old favorites like the Start Menu make it a great improvement over Windows 8. However some of the drive issues users have been experiencing are frustrating user and all fixes do not work on all systems. Initially I thought most of the were due to upgrades, but recently about half of the issues appear to be with new systems that shipped with Windows 10.

15 Jun / 2012

New Custom Computers

New Custom ComputersNew Custom Computers

I have recently updated my new custom computers build  line. Contact me to find out more about the custom build computers I offer or the services I provide.

I offer custom build systems using the latest Intel and AMD processors, high-quality components, great graphics cards, and any software setup (including anti-virus and Microsoft Office) the way you want it with a full warranty.

Go to the contact page to request a free quote on a new custom built PC.


Data Recovery CertificationData Recovery Certification

Eric’s Computer Services is now a Certified Data Recovery Professional. My data recovery certification comes from the Kroll Ontrack® Certified Data Recovery Partner program. Having someone you can trust to perform a professional recovery is key to getting your data back!

Go to the data recovery page to find out more about my data recovery services or go to the contact page to schedule a service appointment.

Kroll Ontrack® is an Eric’s Computer Services leading technology partner in data recovery and not only offers training and certification but unsurpassed professional data recovery service and software.

11 Nov / 2011

Honoring All Veterans

Honoring All VeteransEric’s Computer Services is honoring all veterans

This Veterans Day I am honoring all veterans offering and giving a 20% discount on service and a 10% discount on all computers, parts, and products until the end of November.

Eric’s Computer Services is proud to be a Veteran owned business.


AVAST_Authorized_Reseller_smallAs an Avast! Anti-Virus Reseller I can keep your computers safe!

Eric’s Computer Services is now an Avast! Anti-Virus Reseller. I am able to sell AVAST Professional, Internet Security, Home Server, Enterprise, Linux and Mac versions and more! Eric’s Computer Service’s will also provide full support.

10 Apr / 2010

Ontrack Partnership

Kroll Ontrack Data Recovery Ontrack PartnershipOntrack Partnership

Eric’s Computer Services is proud to announce our Ontrack Partnership. I am further expanding my data recovery services and is now an Ontrack® Data Recovery Authorized Partner.

Expansion of Data Recovery Services Drive SaversExpansion of Data Recovery Services

Eric’s Computer Services is expanding our data recovery services. My first new partnership for this year is with Drive Savers. This comes at a time where I am looking to have an expansion of data recovery services not only in the form of partnerships but additional resources to be able to provide a larger range of solutions.

Drive Savers data privacy with a secure data recovery process and expands my recovery capabilities with access to clean rooms, data recovery engineers, and specialty recovery tools for devices like SSD Drives, iPads and iPhones.

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