Data Recovery

Recovery Services

Eric’s Computer Services has been providing data recovery services in the Capital Region for more than a decade. My data recovery services include:

  • Data recovery diagnostics
  • Logical corruption (software) recovery
  • Physical corruption (hardware) recovery
  • Recovery of deleted files, and repair of corrupt files
  • Windows/PC and Mac/Apple data recovery
  • Recovery of desktop drives, laptop drives, external hard drives, and portable hard drives
  • SSD (Solid State Drives) recovery
  • USB flash drives, flash memory, memory cards, DVD, and CD recovery
  • Recovery of documents, pictures, music, databases, financial records, videos, and more
  • Working with insurance companies to see if your data loss is covered
  • Data backup solutions

Past Clients

Here are some of my clients that my partners and I have provided data recovery services for:

  • AAA Automobile Club
  • Ace Hardware
  • Dr. Daniel Cho, MD.
  • Dr. Lucie Capek, MD
  • Central New York Cardiology
  • General Electric (Schenectady, NY)
  • Integrated Fab Technologies, LLC (Schenectady, NY)
  • United States Army
  • UPS Store #4706 (Colonie, NY)
  • US Health Tests (Albany, NY)
  • Xerox
  • Various local clients, small business, and home based users

Professional data recovery services are now available.



Expert Credentials

  • Certified Data Recovery Professional
  • Over a decade of recovery experience
  • Acronis® Certified Partner
  • Drive Savers® Authorized Partner
  • ESS Data Recovery® Partner
  • Gillware® Data Recovery Partner
  • Kroll Ontrack® Data Recovery Authorized Partner
  • 24HourDataRecovery® Partner
  • Data Medics Partner

Data Recovery Diagnostics

Eric’s Computer Services works to provide a data recovery diagnostic after receiving your hard drive or media. A diagnostic is the first step in recovering your data. My data recovery partners and I have the expertise and diagnostic tools to quote a recovery accurately. Once the diagnostic is completed I inform the client with a detailed explanation and a quote for recovery. The first chance of recovery has the highest chance of success and often you might only get one chance at recovery.

Physical Corruption

Physical corruption is serious business. In data recovery a storage device is considered to have a physical corruption when any electronic or mechanical failure occur, or media damage is present. These types of failures occur because of age, manufacturing defects, electrical components failing, dropping the device, extreme heat or cold, or water damage. Media damage is often the most server recovery and occurs when the hard disk platters has become damaged or corrupted.

Logical Corruption

Logical corruption, of software data recovery occurs if the computer is unable to make sense of the data that is stored on the device. This is can be caused by the computer’s index system being damaged or corrupted, loss of a partition, virus or other means. Often the data is there, but the computer is unable to recognize it. Where logical corruption is the cause of the data loss, your chances of getting all the data back are extremely good.

Flash Memory and SSD

Flash memory recovery is different than traditional hard drives. I offer recovery from SSD (Solid State Drives), USB flash drives, SD memory cards, and flash based memory cards. Whether your flash memory or SSD is malfunctioning, not recognized or has been physically damaged, I can often recover all your files off the card or drive.

Deleted Files and File Repair

Data can be lost when a user or computer delete files. This can occur accidentally or intentionally, often the actual data is not destroyed, but the computer system now regards that data as no longer required. Deleted files can also be recovered if a drive or partition has been reformatted. As long as the ‘deleted data’ has not been overwritten by new data, it can be found, reconstructed and recovered. Therefore the quicker you can get the affected deleted or damage files to Eric’s Computer Services, the better your chances of receiving 100% of your data recovered.

File Repair and Recovery

Eric’s Computer Services offers the best computer repair and service in the Capital Region. All repairs are made to get you up and running fast. If your computer is broken, we repair it. If it is running slow first, we tune it up. If it is not meeting your needs we can upgrade it. Your computer will be given back to you setup the way you want and running fast!

Eric’s Computer Services also provides a range of NAS, home, small business and cloud computer backup solutions.

Data Backup Solutions

Eric’s Computer Services offers an array of data backup solutions for PC, Mac and server to keep your personal or business computers files safe. Protect yourself form data loss, data recovery can be expense and in some cases recovery is impossible. I setup backup solutions that are automatic keeping your files at your fingertips.

NAS (Network Attached Storage)

A NAS can improve your life. You can rest easy knowing backup jobs are scheduled from all the computers on your network to a central location on the NAS. Despite online backups being used, there is no single fail-safe solution for backups and data loss can occur with only an online solution. Network attached storage also provides file sharing.

Cloud Backup

Eric’s Computer Services uses industry-leading solutions for online cloud based computer backups. Online cloud backup services and recovery plans offer secure, automated data protection for small businesses and the home users at an affordable cost.

Backup Software

Keep your information safe relies on backing up your entire computer including your operating system (OS), applications and data, not just your files and folders . I setup full disk-imaging solutions as well as synchronized file backs.